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ManSplat #1Being A Werewolf: A Survival Guide, How To Build A UFO, Godzilla's Job Application, Horror Rock Coping With Lycanthropy 1995
ManSplat #2JAWS III is a Chick Flick, Exorcist Vomit Recipe, Give Kong a Dong, Godzilla Dictionary Beer-Stealing Aliens 1995
ManSplat #3Mad Max Anger Management Course, 100 Great Horror/Sci-Fi Moments, Sit On My Mars Face, Joe Bob's Drive-in 1st Annual Barbarella Awards 1996
ManSplat #4100 Men Who Shook The World, Interview with Pumpkinhead, 10 Commandments of Drinking Capt. Kirk 1996
ManSplat #5Backdraft: Match The Fart with the Butt, Paranormal Dictionary, Godzilla Bumperstickers The Ex-Files 1996
ManSplat #6Crossfire on the Planet of the Apes, Debbie Rochon: Girl of Your Screams, Monster Anagrams James Bond 1996
ManSplat #7Tribute to American Ghost Movies, Inner Secrets of the Outer Limits, How To Catch Bigfoot Bewitched 1997
ManSplat #8KISS: A Thesis in Greasepaint, Superhero Ass Kick, Star Trek Bumperstickers, Things JAWS Won't Eat 2nd Annual Barbarella Awards 1997
ManSplat #9Creature From the Black Saloon, Lost Prophecies of Cheech & Chong, The Birth of ManSplat Two Years of Beer 1997
ManSplat #10Ward Cleaver, Ambassador to the World, Frank Sinatra: Lord of the Ring-A-Ding Dings, Chick Farts Vs. Guy Farts Ship Happens 1997
ManSplat #11ManSplat's History of Beer, Superstars of the Unexplained, The Skids Are Alright Ultimate Horror Movie Quiz 1998
ManSplat #12Drunkology, Encyclopedius Godzillicus, History of Rock 'n Roll Facial Hair 3rd Annual Barbarella Awards 1998
ManSplat #13Pensises of the Stars, World's Greatest Tits, Bare Essentials All Naked, All Nude 1998
ManSplat #14Worst Cartoon Characters of All Time, Gumby Gets Shit-faced Drunk, History of Swear Words Planet of the Apes 1998
ManSplat #15Handy Guide to Vampires, Fart Dictionary, Ron Jeremy Bumperstickers Hot Wheels 1999
ManSplat #16In Praise of Fat Chicks, 59 Things That Killed Rock 'n Roll, Frankenstein Unplugged 4th Annual Barbarella Awards 1999
ManSplat #17Rockstar or Cartoon Character, Bikers: Born To Be Riled, Folk You Larry Tate 1999
ManSplat #18Burpology, Bartenders: Touched By An Angel, Godzilla Haikus 100 Women Who Wrecked The World 1999
ManSplat #19Cereal: Behind The Music, Batman's Utility Belt, Seahunt Underwater Signals Debbie Rochon 2000
ManSplat #20Evel Knievel Vs. Thelma & Louise, Handy Guide to Orgasm Faces, Just Say No To Rugs 5th Annual Barbarella Awards 2000
ManSplat #21From Brassiere To Eternity, Viagra: Father's Little Helper, Cafe Splat DeDe Lind 2000
ManSplat #22In Search of the Hamburgler, How To See Through Supergirl's Dress, Empire of the Aunts Glori-Anne Gilbert 2000
ManSplat #23Temptation on Gilligan's Island, Haircut 100, The Many Moods of Spock Misty Mundae 2000
ManSplat #40Dude Looks Like A Brady, ManSplat's Guide to Hell, Mysterious Power of Panties II Vicky Vette 2005