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It's a common misconception that ManSplat magazine is created by a team of NASA-trained scientists with clean lab coats and coffee mugs with their names printed on 'em. Truth is, ManSplat is conceived, written, designed and distributed by three guys who may have, on occasion, let the sin of alcohol touch their lips, thereby fueling the engine needed to power such a publication as this. With that, meet those who would be known...

Gilbert is the person responsible for the creation and distribution of ManSplat. Blame him for all your defeats in life. He's obsessed with KISS, any movie and/or sequel with a giant octopus, the Spice Girls and beer. All his dreams involve combing his hair. Here are a few of his other credentials...

• Contributor to Guitar World magazine (since 1985)
• Author of the books “Two Werewolves, A Six-Pack & Elvis,“ “Beer Fear,“ “Grunge: Inside Seattle Music,“ “Trick or Shriek,“ “Camp Vampire.“
• Has contributed to books on Metallica, KISS and Nirvana
• Has written for SPIN Magazine, Revolver, Guitar School, L.A. Times, No Depression, The Rocket, iTunes Music Store, MSN Online, Seconds, Metal Hammer, Concrete Foundations, UW Daily, and the Seattle Times
• Wrote Alice Cooper's bio and press release for 2005's “Dirty Diamonds“ album

Matty is the sour to the world's sweet. He doesn't like you, even though you've never met. He listens to metal - real metal, not that “sensitive feelings“ crap that's currently passing itself off as heavy music these days. He, along with senior editor V. Blast, reads eight books a day and commands a vast knowledge of authors whose names you can't even pronounce. He knows enough Spanish to fluently frown when going to places where Spanish is spoken. Thus, Matty is ManSplat's music, book and alcohol editor. Here are a few of his other credentials...

• Founded the highly-respected Obsidian Press
• Has edited and published books by famous writers as Richard Laymon, Ed Lee, Jack Ketchum and Lucy Taylor
• Contributed music reviews to the Belltown News
• Is a master-level grill chef/bartender/dog owner

If you've ever met V. Blast and are still alive, then you haven't really met him at all. V. Blast is the dark side of ManSplat; He'll eat your face and wash it down with airline bourbon. If he farts afterward, that just means he's letting your soul escape. Lucky you. This man is pure evil. Just standing next to him will keep you from getting into Heaven. V. Blast is responsible for ManSplat's “Ask Dr. Blast“ medical advice column as well as the confessional series: Confessions of a Chronic Masturbator, Nose-Picker, Gravedigger... You get the idea. Here are a few of his other credentials...

• Lead vocalist for legendary and totally awesome shock rock group, The Pleasure Elite
• Has created cover art for numerous heavy metal album jackets (back when there were such things).
• Famous artist – he sells his stuff in art galleries where people drink from fluted glass with pinky extended. You can see and buy his work online at www.vblasto.com
• Feared by telemarketers the world over

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VOL. 1

Drinkin' & Drive-in Vol. 2

You need this. Today, if you can swing it.

VOL. 2

Drinkin' & Drive-in Vol. 2

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