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THERE MAY BE 1.7 MILLION women working in the adult film industry today, but relative newcomer VICKY VETTE is a knockers knock-out. Since beginning her porn career at age 37(!), in her first year she appeared in 75 adult films. That’s a new movie every 4.86 days. Compare that to Nicole Kidman who does like, one or two a year. And her track record doesn’t begin to stop there. The indefatigable Vicky has also appeared in 20 quality magazines with moisture-proof centerfolds, including Hustler, Busty Beauties, Leg Sex, Gent, High Society, Cherri and a buttload of others, including the covers of industry publications, AVN and Adult Cinema Review. All of this, however, pales in comparison to her internet marketing savvy. Maintaining not one by five websites (and making cameos on a dozen others), Vicky can first be found at www.vickyvette.com doing juicy cam shows. We tracked down the stunningly delicious 40-something starlette in-between hot showers for a quickie (publishing term for a short interview, you pervs), and to lift the hood on this hot love machine to find out how to possibly clone her.

SPLAT: Everyone thinks porn stars have naked rock ‘n’ roll beer parties every night of the week with the lights on.
VICKY: (Smiling) You mean they don’t?
SPLAT: What did you think the first time you saw your own butt on the big screen?
VICKY: I thought, “Oh, my God - it’s huge!“
SPLAT: What else besides doing insanely awkward positions is the, um, hardest part about doing adult movies?
VICKY: Keeping my neighbors from calling the cops.
SPLAT: Is it true that male performers need to use Viagra in order to “hit their marks“?
VICKY: Not when they’re with me!
SPLAT: Besides editors of independent magazines, is there anyone or anything you won’t do in a movie?
VICKY: I do on-screen what I do off-screen. There’s no difference to me. That’s why I’m so much happier now - I just gotta be me!
SPLAT: Have you discovered anything inwardly about yourself after beginning your adult movie career that you didn’t know before, seeing how all the outward stuff is pretty much is on public display?
VICKY: Sex is awesome! It just gets better and better all the time and evolves; It’s a never-ending cycle. I’m developing and discovering new fetishes all the time.
SPLAT: You were given an AVN award for the rooftop scene in Marty Zion’s,“Metropolis.“ Are those two guys who worked with you still alive?
VICKY: (laughing) They managed to crawl away - just barely!
SPLAT: Out of all the movies you’ve made, which one would you recommend renting from our neighborhood family-owned-and-operated video store?
VICKY: That would be “Cum-Drenched Tits #3,“ which came out recently. It’s becoming a personal favorite. I was very cock-hungry that day - five guys, five loads!
SPLAT: Sounds like a Bounty Paper Towel moment. So besides needing to have offshore drilling-sized private parts, what other kind of industry advice could you offer guys who may need another career when the magazine thing doesn’t take off?
VICKY: This business is like any other: attitude, attitude, attitude!

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