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The issue that singlehandedly is causing global warming...

• The Supreme Quart: ManSplat's History of Refreshing Beverages, Vol. 2
• The Tortoise & The Hare Re-imagined: Gamera Vs. Night of the Lepus Bunny
• Hercules Vs. Fucking Everything
• Klaus Meine's School of Rock 'n Roll Enunciation
• Dr. Dolittle's House of Pain
• My Pussy Hurts: How To Write Emo Lyrics
• Fraud Alert: Capt. of Capt. & Tennille
• When It's OK For A Man To Cry
• Biker Cocktails
• The First 5 Things To Do When You Get To Heaven
• A Really Short Conversation With Batman
• Knockin' Boots: Dance Step or Sex Position?
• A Little Off The Bottom: MnSplat's Handy Guide to Shaving Your Crotch
• Bathing Beauties: De-Mystifying The Women's Locker Room
• Go Scrooge Yourself: Confessions of a Cheap Bastard
• Aquaman: No Troubles When You Make Bubbles
• Urine A Lot Of Trouble: ManSplat's Handy Guide To Piss Poor Health
• Hang 'Em Higher: Country Music Legends Vs. Country Music Dillholes
• The C.H.U.D.s For You: Interview With A Cannballistic Humanoid Underground Dweller
• New York Hooker Word of the Day Calendar
• Judge Dredd
• ManSplat Record Store

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ManSplat 42

it looks cool on the inside as well as the outside.

VOL. 1

Drinkin' & Drive-in Vol. 2

You need this. Today, if you can swing it.

VOL. 2

Drinkin' & Drive-in Vol. 2

This sucker is available now. We review a TON of old school horror and sci-fi, stuff you probably missed because no one in their right mind would go looking for this stuff.