as of July 6, 2020

ManSplat #44 is now available for the low low price of FREE. you can pick up copies now at Easy Street Records, Thunder Road Guitars, West 5,
Peel & Press, with more shortly, including Slim’s Last Chance, Shadowland, 2 Fingers Social, The Blu Grous and more. 

For those places practicing social distancing (man, that term blows and sucks), you can walk up to the door and ask for a copy. They’ll come out in hazmat suits to hand you the magazine. Kidding; It’s really hard to find matching shoes and a tie for an evening wear hazmat suit.

Mail-order available hopefully soon. We’re not charging for the magazine, just enough to cover postage, envelope and maybe a couple ‘o tacos. Hey, we can’t live off praise. For one thing, too many carbs.

P.S. Don’t waste your time looking for us on social media. Social media is a waste of time. For us, anyway. We’d rather drink than tweet.


P.S. All contents here and there are 2020 and beyond copyrighted, so there

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