as of July 27, 2020

Big News: ManSplat back issues and other cool stuff (shirts, stickers, non-winning Lotto numbers) available in August via PayPal™. Will post particulars shortly.

ManSplat #44 is now available for the low low price of FREE. You can pick up copies now at these awesomely awesome places. Copies are limited, so be sure and grab several (or more) before they disappear like happy hour beers…

Slim’s Last Chance • 5606 1st Ave S • Seattle

Easy Street Records • 4559 California Ave SW • Seattle

West 5 • 4539 California Ave. SW • Seattle,

Thunder Road Guitars • 6400 California Ave SW • Seattle

Peel & Press • 6503 California Ave SW • Seattle

Dottie’s Double Wide • 9609 1/2 16th Ave SW • White Center

The Blu Grous • 9839 17th Ave SW • White Center

Coming soon: Shadowland, Mission Cantina, Millennium Records

Don’t live in Seattle but crave to have your very own copy of ManSplat?
Contact us at and we’ll tell you how.

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